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19 March

How we vote


Thanks, F. P. must have something against me! Or I am just prejudiced. But I will contact D. in Berlin and see if she can find me somebody else [...] to cooperate with. The 6th June is OK with me, although I am not sure about why we must meet on exactly the same day as the G8-leaders meet. Btw, will Tony Blair still be one of them? With the years, Blair has become for me a person who more than most incarnates the essence of our "Western Civilisation" such as it really is. Thus, the contrary to what Gandhi probably meant, when he said that the Western Civilisation would be a good idea.

M., unasked, called my notes on the concept of the WPF [World Public Finances]"a fine essay for election day" and said that after some polishing it could be published in the Sunday debate section of Helsingin Sanomat. But his comment is the only one I have got sofar. I need to hear what you think.

[My candidate] Heidi Hautala was elected, as was expected. The Greens as a whole scored a small victory. They got one more MP (they now occupy 15 of the 200 seats). Thomas Wallgren got 1226 votes. In order to become one of the 45 MPs of the SDP , he would have needed ca 4000 votes. The SDP lost 8 places in parliament. The Right won the elections, like in Sweden. The Kokoomus (National Coalition) took 10 new seats with +3,7 percent of the votes compared to 2003 ; all in all, it got 22,3 % of the votes. The Center Party, with +1,6% (23.1% in total) lost 4 seats. Together the two big bourgeois parties now dispose of 101 seats in the Parliament. They are expected to form the next government together with the Swedish People's Party, which also scored a small victory and gets 9 seats (+1 from 2003). - The Left Alliance lost 1,1 percent and 2 seats. However, Paavo Arhinmäki, our young coming man from Helsinki, was elected with 6797 voices.

My mother tongue is Swedish. By consequence, the "correct" choice for me would have been a candidate from Svenska Folkpartiet. At least, that is how the big majority of my people, the Finland-Swedes, are voting. The SFP, this year, actually had several candidates I could support, such as Nils Torvalds (the father of Linus) in Helsinki, and Thomas Rosenberg in my own district (Nyland), both my old chaps. Torvalds got 1682 votes, Rosenberg only 227.

Have good working day!

- Mikael

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