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Demonstration mot kriget i Irak, Helsingfors mars 2003
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03 October

Elementary lessons from the events in Burma

[World Social Forum] 

The mirror of the mass media is misleading, as usual. It diverts our attention from the essential questions.

The Buddhist monks were the moral leaders of the uprising. But the monks failed to provide the needed political leadership.

A military junta can be defeated by non-violent means, if the people is well organized. But strong organization equals effective political leadership. Without that, the revolution will be crushed.

The Buddhist monks of Burma were very courageous, but they failed to estimate the reactions and moves of their adversary. They did right, but they did not do well enough.

Our political leaders are morally corrupt, and utterly so. Therefore, they are weak. Yet we must not underestimate their force and brutality. We must continue to analyze and assess what we are up to.

Naomi Klein provides some interesting new elements in her speech on YouTube

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