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08 November

Överge terrorismen, Europa!

Om Pekka-Eric Auvinen med flera terrorister

I bloggen Spinelli's Footsteps skrev jag nyss ned några tankar om Pekka-Eric Auvinen med flera terrorister. Jag återger dem också här:

A less terroristic Europe, please

*Par Mikael le jeudi 8 novembre 2007, 06:51*

Sweden gave an important example to the rest of the world when it decided not to build the Bomb. The decision might in reality (although probably not formally) have been taken by the Swedish military rather than by Olof Palme and the other politicians. We should indentify the circles and persons in the Swedish army who played key roles in this, interview them, and/or ask them tell their story.

The perpetrator of yesterdays shootings and killings of 7 schoolmates and the headmaster of the Jokela secondary school in Vantaa near Helsinki declared political motives for his act.

He thought that humanity is overrated. He fought a one man's war. He was indeed a Terrorist. As other Terrorists, he was responsible for his deed and guilty of his crime. However, part of the guilt also falls on the shoulders of the rest of us, and especially those of us, who are conducting the so called war on Terrorism. They are also Terrorists.

And so are those who build and maintain the nuclear weapons. Even those who manufacture and profit from selling semiautomatic guns like the one this terrorist used (i.e. The SIG Mosquito, made by the Swiss/German company Sig Sauer) should be held responsible.

As we try to walk in the footsteps of Altiero Spinelli ( saying so means to use vague metaphor of hope), let's keep the Swedish no-nukes option and the terrorist act of Mr. Pekka-Eric Auvinen in mind. It is to do with building a less terroristic Europe.

To be more precise and concentrate on the essential project, consider the following sane thought by Bahman Nirumand:
''"Die radikalen Fundamentalisten in Teheran und Washington sind dabei, die Welt in eine Katastrophe zu treiben. Sie aufzuhalten, wäre Europa aufgerufen. Die EU-Staaten müssten wieder aus dem amerikanischen Boot aussteigen, sie müssen nein sagen zu einem Krieg, nein sagen zu einem Einsatz der NATO, und auf diplomatischem Weg versuchen, gemeinsam mit den politischen Strömungen und vor allem mit der Zivilgesellschaft im Iran einen Konsens zu finden und so die Fundamentalisten innerhalb und ausserhalb des Iran zu isolieren".'' (Iran. Die drohende Katastrophe, Kiepenhauer & Witsch, Köln 2006, p 221).
Let's act together for European Nuclear Disarmament, and for a European policy of the kind Nirumand advocates.

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