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24 March

At the IC of the WSF in Nairobi (3-4)

Notes from the 3rd and 4th days of the meeting of the International Council (IC) of the World Social Forum in Nairobi from 19th to 22nd March
[World Social Forum] 

The reports of three commissions (Communications, Resources, Methodology) were discussed and decided upon. The fourth Commission (Strategy) did not report, but its agenda the planning for the  WSFs after Nairobi 2007, was also discussed.


In the discussion on Communications, not much was added to what had been said during the two previous days about mass-media relations and strategy, and even less about the libraries. The debate about the problems of providing the WSF events with  linguistic interpretation and interpreters, and decent technical equipment for this purpose, took the main part of the discussion. This is, of course, also a main point in the discussion of the Resources. Panos from the BABELS group said that they expect 80 % av the interpreters to be African (and mainly from East Africa?), and 20 % from other parts. All in all at leats 500 interpreters would be needed. He mentioned the figure 300.000 USD as an estimate of the total costs. BABELS is building 150 interpretation booths for the ESF in Athens in April; these should be reused in Nairobi. He asked the IC to participate in the raising of the necessary funds.
 Several IC members said that the the FM radio equipment used by BABELS does not meet the needs. The quality of the radios has been bad, said Celita Eccher from ICAE, referring to the experience of e.g. the WSF in Porto Alegre 2005. At the IC meeting itself,  we also experienced some technical problems with the radios.

It was decided, firstly, that question of interpreters and interpretation on the one hand, and about the technical equipment on the other hand must be separated and handled by two different working committees.

Secondly, it was decided that both working committeese shall be convened by the East African organising committee; and that both committees should include representatives of BABELS.


After lunch on the 3rd day, the IC returned to the recommendations of the Expansion Commission. After a first round of discussion, the following decisions were taken:

a) a working group (WG)  inside the commission is to make further proposals  on the expansion in Africa;
b) a letter will be sent to 52  "non-participating  IC-members", i.e. those who have attended only 0-2 meetings, asking for an explanation of their absence and confirmation of their will to remain IC members;
c) the IC makes clear to all that IC-members who do not fill the form of the questionnaire cannot participate in the next IC-meeting;
d) a subcommittee on the restructuration of the work of the expansion commission and the IC is to submit precise proposals to the next IC;  
e) a calendar of at least the 3 next IC meetings must be agreed in order raise the necessary Solidarity Fund for participants from the South.

The IC then went on to decide about the new IC members. After a  couple of hours, the discussion had to be interrupted without any clear decisions, in order keep the  appointment with Kenyan social movements, singers, dancers, dancers, musicians and theatrical actors  in the afternoon. At the reception of the Mayor of Nairobi later that day, veteran WSF-activist Chico Witaker later said that the Kenyans saved us.

I  will return to this discussion later, in separate notes. On the morning of the 4th day, Chico Witaker summarised all the discussions and put forward a proposal o to reach unity. He stressed that in the WSF, if one cannot agree, one has to continue to discuss,  because splits and divides cannot be allowed. Then he proposed that we we accept all the recommended new IC members, including the World Progressive Forum, but with the exception of Askapena Herriak Aske. In this last case, discussions would continue.  I had asked him to  state explicitely, that NIGD is not opposed to the acceptance of the WPF, which he also did. Chicos proposal was then unanimously supported, and so the matter was finally decided. In addition, a WG was set up with the supporters and opponents of Askapena Herriak Aske, to continue the discussions about that case.


Several different proposals were aired:

- to arrange the WSF 2008 in Porto Alegre; this was put forward delegates of the trade union organisations;

- to arrange the WSF 2008 on the border between USA and Mexico

- ta arrange in 2008 only a forum on the forums plus, for instance, "a global day of action for Human Dignity" (Raffaella Bollini).

- to arrange the WSFs herafter only each second year.

The Strategy Commission will (have to) come forth with a proposal before the WSF in Nairobi 2007.


A calendar of the 3 next IC meetings was successfully agreed upon:

6-9 October 2006 in India (probably Delhi or Mumbai). All for commissions to meet during the two first days, IC-seminar during the two second days.

26-27 January 2007 in Nairobi IC-meeting without commission meetings.

April 2007 in Italy, on the same premises as the IC-meeting in Passignano.

An open working group is to prepare the October meeting in India. Nandita Gandhi took on the task to organise fundraising in India for the solidarity fund of the IC.


Further open WGs are to work on
- methodology and mapping of the themes  and actions (Amit,
Joel, Demba, Chico, Philip, Moema , Raffaella, Hassan, Tawfik
Joki, Vinod, Brian and others)
- the  relation with parlamentarians and politicians
- the integration of the world forum of local authorities with the WSF.
Vanessa Marx presented the plans of FAL. Vanessa Marx (FAL), Chico and Gus Massiah and the  conference "Afrique inter cit√©s" in Nairobi on 23-25 Sept 2006 will   go further with this issue.

Contributions to the the solidarity fund were made during this IC meeting by, among others, : ICFTU, Caritas, EU Commission,  FPH, Ubuntu and Transform.



  - Mikael

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