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25 October

What a "world government" has to be like

[World Social Forum] 

What worries me is this: I see the WSF as being the embryo to a "world government", but I do not yet see that this is widely understood.

A "world government" has to be very different from the governments of national states. This is an important part of the "Another" in our slogan "Another world is possible".

The difference is not in ethical values, this is not an ethical issue. It is a question of structure. A great illustration is the example of the military apparatus, as H.G.Wells clearly understands in his pamphlet from the 20ies (The Open Conspiracy). A "world government" does not - never will - build on military might!

A "world government" is an informational government. It has to be a "self-government", it must be cybernetical in its nature -- like the internet, of course. And the internet is, basically, a new kind of library. It is an outgrowth of our literacy.

Literacy is our predicament. There is no escape from it.

The principle of "world government" is identical with the principle of the modern public library: to make all information available without delay to all the people.

The WSF must follow that principle, that is its only chance. Or, more to the point, a "world government" must be like that. Like a modern public library.

Let us build it!

Another world might be possible, after all...

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