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05 January

Activist Librarians

[World Social Forum] 

- An activist librarian goes out, collects the information, and packages it for the people, says Esther Obachi from Kenya Library Association. She is one of the lecturers at the 3-day workshop for Tanzanian librarians in Dar es Salaam 3-5 January. Today we shall study Wikis and Blogs in the computer lab of the Dar es Salaam university, and guess who is going to give the presentation.

We are all preparing for the World Social Forum in Nairobi 20-25 January, 2007. The librarians are going to document it and repackage it for dissemination to the people. About one thousand activities (events, conferences, workshops etc.) have already been registered by the movements, associations and networks participating in the WSF. The list of these activities and events are available in 5 databases on the web at www.wsf2007.org. The databases are presented in Excel sheets.

I am bad at Excel sheets, but my Open Office software can at least open and handle them.

Mr Leonard Ngowo from the public library in Morogoro (Tanzania) helped me to prepare printouts from the Excel sheets for our workshop.

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